Children’s Health Insurance Program – “CHIP”ping in For Healthcare Benefits – Healthcare

A company offers healthcare benefits and an employee doesn’t use the benefit?Who in their right mind would refuse benefits? While there may be many reasons, the number one reason is that the employee can’t afford the payroll deduction. This is especially true with a lot of hourly employees who live paycheck to paycheck and need to bring home every dime they make.Risking the health of their family as well as potential financial ruin if someone gets sick is the circumstance of many employees because they simply cannot afford the company-offered healthcare.Employees who find themselves unable to pay for company-offered healthcare plans may find help in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).Many states offer a program that provides employees assistance with paying the cost of the premium for their company-offered healthcare plan through Medicaid or CHIP. The employee must apply for and be ruled to be eligible for Medicaid or CHIP. After eligibility is confirmed, he then has 60 days to request to join the employer’s plan.The law requires most employers to notify their employees of their potential rights to receive this benefit beginning this year. By next year, all employers who offer health care benefits will have to issue notification about the program.Instead of waiting until next year to tell your employees about this program, it would benefit all employers to create and issue the notice now.Why? The burden of worrying about not having healthcare can reduce an employee’s productivity. Employers should also be aware that a good employee who can’t afford the healthcare will likely leave the company for cheaper benefits being offered by another employer. CHIP could help you from losing a valuable employee by providing them with affordable healthcare.Most states participate in CHIP. You can get more information through your local Medicaid office, (877) KIDSNOW, or on the web at 2010 Jerry Ballard, Perfect People Solutions