Wealthcare, Er, I Mean, Healthcare Rant – Healthcare

With the movement to reform health care, and the promotion of an undesirable healthcare reform bill, many are looking for solutions, as most people, if not in direct “need” of a doctor, know someone who is. Yet, for some reason, they do not want to pay for that person’s healthcare. I wonder why! I am writing in part due to a death that could have been prevented, if health care was not in the business of big money.Yes, healthcare has traditionally made a business off of people’s sickness, and has not promoted wellness, thus another victim of this insanity has died, leaving 2 little ones motherless.Today’s news is evidence that the law recognizes the rightfulness, the duty, of prevention, even if it is via administration of a necessary vitamin (in this case, mineral), instead of drugging, cutting, or otherwise ineffectively “taking care” of the problem!For those who haven’t heard, I am referring to a 44 year old woman, Caroline Johnston, who died this last week of a lack of potassium. The emergency room personnel had determined that she was dehydrated, and had low levels of potassium in her system, but only gave her the water, not the potassium (her family just won a suit for malpractice). Would it be giving too much credence to the power of nutrition, or is the healthcare industry just not trained in prevention?The healthcare business (and it is a business, it could have been called “wealthcare” for the doctors) addresses the sickness industry, and does not promote wellness. For example, is the person who, because of clogged arteries has a bypass, well? How many people have had to have another bypass? What is the cost of one bypass? How does one bypass affect a person’s financial situation, even if the surgery was totally covered?Compare this with the person who by right eating and lifestyle habits avoids the bypass altogether. What is the cost of eating right, even accounting for extra measures taken, such as joining a health club, or taking antioxidant supplements?My proposed solution is to promote learning and to prevent disease. This would basically call for a total re-focus of the healthcare industry from just treating sickness, to focusing on wellness and the prevention of disease. At the least, it will save millions of dollars, and at the most, trillions, with many lives bettered and saved. Sounds like reform to me! To do something to take back control of your health and finances, visit my website below.