Discount Healthcare Plan – Is It Right for You? – Healthcare

It is a story that is echoed throughout millions of American households. A person applies for traditional healthcare insurance and gets denied, often for something silly. From there, they spend the rest of their life trying to avoid doctors and hospitals, in fear of the expense they might incur. However, with a discount healthcare plan, there is hope for the uninsured American. But before you pick one up, you need to think about whether or not such a policy is good for your situation.To begin this process, you need to understand how a discount healthcare plan works. It is not a type of insurance. Instead, it takes a percentage off of any medical bill you encounter. No extensive paperwork is required to be accepted for this type of plan. In addition, pre-existing conditions are not a factor. If you can make a small monthly payment, you will get your discount. All you have to do is show your card at the time you pay your bill.Of course, the downside to this is obvious. With a discount healthcare plan, you must pay for your expenses out-of-pocket. On the upside, when you do pay, the bill will be extremely low. Some people receive discounts of 50 percent or more with these types of plans. If you go to the doctor once a year, this is not a bad deal. A visit that costs $200 might be discounted to $100, depending on how generous the plan was. True, you don’t have insurance, but you were still able to save $100. If you had nothing available, you wouldn’t experience any savings as you would be forced to pay the full amount.The situation is different for people with extensive medical conditions. Even if they can achieve a 60 percent discount, they would still be unable to pay a hospital bill of $20,000. So, in that case, a discount healthcare plan is pretty much useless. But what if a person is experiencing a condition that is under control? If they could limit their doctor visits to every couple of months, and they chose a provider that was cheap to begin with, a discount plan could still be useful. Also remember that these plans extend to prescription drugs. When applied in this manner, the drugs can cost the same amount as if a person had been insured. For many individuals, this factor alone makes the discount plan worthwhile.If you need assistance in locating particular coverages at a pre-determined price, we can help you find a reduce health insurance premium today.