Lean Healthcare – Improving Business in the Healthcare Industry – Healthcare

The healthcare industry is one that is growing at a very fast pace, given that the population of the United States is rapidly aging. There will be added pressure on hospitals to provide high quality health care to growing numbers of patients. At the same time, hospitals, nursing homes and clinics will have to find out ways to bring costs down because many people simply cannot afford expensive medical care. Lean healthcare is the best way to address the issue since this enables medical organizations to improve quality at lower costs. If they have higher profits without being dependent upon fees from patients or payouts from insurance companies then they will be able to focus on improving services further.Lean healthcare focuses on simplifying and streamlining the work processes in order to make it less wasteful and more productive. Interestingly, Lean management techniques are generally associated with the manufacturing industry and certainly not with the service or healthcare industries which are very people oriented. The problem is compounded by the fact that the people providing service in the healthcare industry don’t necessarily have experience in management. These are highly qualified nurses, doctors and technicians who are great at their field of medicine but not very good at planning or executing tasks that are outside their specific field.Large hospitals all over the world are beginning to use Japanese-inspired management techniques to study the work flows in different areas in order to find out how they can simplify things. Teams are made up of people from different job profiles in the organization. These teams study various processes in order to identify areas where resources are wasted. This style of management only works if everyone in the organization comes on board, as it is very participatory in nature.Hospitals are investing in training programs in Lean management because this enables them to do far better with available resources than before. Not only do they save a lot of money but employees will also be happier than before. They will be very glad to be free from various emergency situations that arise because of poor management of resources. The increase in employee morale will enable them to go the extra length to look after patients. The hospital will make additional savings since it will be able to retain employees very easily. The people to stand to benefit the most from this are the patients.